Tuesday, March 15, 2011


David Brooks ("The Ike Phase") does a disservice to the President on both the domestic and foreign fronts. Wisconsin, and its offspring, represent the damage that can be done by the Republicans, when in control of policy. After 2 years of merely saying no as a way of attempting to help govern the country, this party is now showing us what it is capable of. Why do Republican mistakes somehow become the implicit fault of President Obama? Don't make this about him. It is not.

As to foreign intervention, I believe that caution is the most rational, if distasteful course that this President can take. We are all too well aware of the ramifications of leading the charge in Libya. The events of the last decade are lessons that we must learn.

This is a President faced with an overwhelming set of problems. He is not a chameleon, but rather a leader who reflects and then reacts with his head, not his gut (as his predecessor so uniformly did). While Mr. Brooks has a hard time discerning what the President will be next year, the answer is that he will continue to be what he has been from the first day of his presidency.


David B said...

Why does David Brooks claim to be a Democrat, when he is really a closet Tea Partyer ?
Ike had it right in many ways. And why, if Obama is doing the right things, why doesn't he have weekly press meetings, to push his agenda?

Robert said...

as much as I have learned from Frank Rich over the past years, that is how little I have been impressed with Mr. Brooks. He is clearly not what he appears to be.

As to the President, it is a shortcoming in the party that the Democratic message never seems to be stated and then stated again. There are lessons to be learned from the Republicans, as much as what they have to say is so often so wrong.