Friday, March 4, 2011

Economics 101

"How to Kill a Recovery" - Why are the words of Mr. Krugman not the immutable law of the land? The Republican fairy tale that is about to shape this year's Federal budget, is a story with anything but a fairy tale ending. For those programs that will lose funds that are required to protect and care for the neediest among us, the cuts are an abdication of the responsibility of government. For the people whose jobs will be lost, they will inevitably sustain economic hardships, stare into the face of foreclosure and cause nothing more than a recycling of the disasters we should be desperately trying to avoid.

Where is the voice of economic reason in Washington? How can the threat of a government shutdown force those in charge to accede to a plan of financial suicide? It is incredible that voices like those of Mr. Krugman seem to have been drowned out by the droning noise of "shared sacrifice" and belt tightening. While ideas that can truly assist our economic recovery (eg raising taxes on those who most have the capacity to pay the same, thus helping to fill the government coffers without decimating that portion of the population's ability to thrive and spend) gather dust, we now move headlong into the abyss. As we know all to well, fairy tales with unhappy endings can lead to the worst nightmares.


Bruce said...

It is all part of the dumb $hit the GOP has been giving us since the 1980s. It didn't work then and it won't work now. But--they were elected and as Hobbes once said--You get the government you deserve.

Robert said...

I didn't sign up for this kind of government.