Friday, March 18, 2011


Paul Krugman asks a question about America's "Forgotten Millions". The answer is that these people are not the millions that matter. The currency that has meaning is not measured in the quality of human lives but in the sheer quantity of human greed. The millions that catch the attention of those in power are not black or white but green.

There is conversation of reducing deficits now in an effort to protect our children and grandchildren in the future. These are our children and grandchildren who suffer each and every day because of a government that fails in its fundamental obligation to protect those in its midst. They are without voice because they are simply without.

The Democrats are complicit in this charade. While the Republican machine continues to send out its propaganda about deficit, deficit, deficit, the response from those that know better is muted and ineffective. To watch the government bleed money from necessary programs in increments every few weeks, and wait for the other shoe to drop in the near future, does a great disservice to all those who have been seemingly tossed aside.Those in power have long ago forgotten, or merely given up, on the concept of economic stimulation. Mr. Krugman asks why. I ask when. When do we say that our economy has punished the many for the benefit of the few for long enough? When do we say that it is by taking from the pockets of the wealthy, not the poor, on which this economy must base its recovery? When?

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