Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No Laughing Matter

"Sexy Ruses to Stop Forgetting to Remember"- Yesterday was my wife's 57th birthday, and my card to her was a not so humorous reminder that we are not what we once were mentally (but since I do not recall what we actually once were, this is only a guess on my part).

If as suggested, to most effectively reconstruct the ever diminishing capacity of our brains, we must come face to face with Freud, that is a small price to pay.

It would be most refreshing if I actually remembered the title of the movie that I had just seen, if I was able to attach names to familiar faces, if I didn't have to leave reading glasses in each room as I never have a recollection of where I put them down and if the computer didn't become the storage cabinet for recalling everything of consequence.

At a time in life where fuzzy is the new normal, where hairline, vision and memories all seem in a furious race to exit the building, revitalizing one's brain is no laughing matter. But maybe it should be.


Unknown said...

I'd love to comment on this but I can't recall what this posting was about :)

Robert said...

I am almost ashamed to report thatI had to go back to the New York Times site at least times to recall the name of Ms. Dowd's op-ed piece.

Robert said...

I lost my thought in the middle of my comment. I meant to say "I had to go back to the New York Times at least 3 times". I can't even remember to write down what I did to remember what I did.

Unknown said...

And you think you have problems!