Sunday, March 6, 2011

Reasons to Go Home

If Thomas Friedman is correct, ("The $110 Billion Dollar Question") then what have we done except impede the progress of democracy, and strengthen the argument of the Islamic fundamentalist by our actions in Afghanistan, and our not so surreptitious activities in Pakistan? And if that is the lesson to be learned from watching the internal implosions around the Middle East, which were fueled not by our presence, but to some extent by our absence, then why draw the conclusion of the inevitable continuing need for 150,000 soldiers in the region?

At a point in time when a computer has seemed wholly capable of impeding the ability of Iran to move forward with its nuclear weapons program, and the will of oppressed people have taken down governments, and may take down some more, isn't this the moment to put our ego aside and admit that Afghanistan and Pakistan are nothing more than ongoing mistakes? Let us not compound the error by seeking to distinguish, explain and rationalize. The best we can do for ourselves, and for those we seek to assist, is exit as gracefully and as quickly as possible.


David B said...

Why don't we just declare victory and leave. Then we can take our money, and spend it at home. We can then fix our education systems, our health systems , create jobs and, get our economy moving forward for all of us.
You have it right, once again, Robert.

Robert said...

thanks for the compliment.

it does seem that, particularly at a moment in time when we are in such continuing economic distress in our country, that the last thing we should consider is spending enormous sums of money on an ill conceived war. The battles abroad will bring us little that history will compliment us on. We should recognize our mistakes, let others decide their own fate, and try to put our own house in order.