Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Declaration of War

We are two nations living under a single roof. While bloody conflicts rage around the globe, the manifesto presented by Paul Ryan to our country signals nothing less than a declaration of war in the United States.

We have entirely different belief systems. We call them the party of "No" but what we really mean is the party of "know, but don't care". It is hard to conceive that greater differences separated the two sides in the last civil war that began in this country 150 years ago.

Ryan's claim and the manifesto's dictate is that, in the middle of the greatest financial debacle in 70 years, our richest individuals and corporations are entitled to an enormous reduction in their income taxes. In the wake of this action, will lay the bodies of the children, the elderly, the poor and the disabled. Those who are hurting the most among us will suffer the greatest atrocities. Medicare, and medicaid will lose their ability to protect. It is nothing more than survival of the fittest.

Some call what Ryan has done an act of courage. I call it an act of sabotage and treason. It does a great disservice to what this country does, or should, stand for. It is a sad day for all of us.


SCL said...

There is nothing for me to add, you said it all.

Robert said...

Thanks. It is tough to watch what is happening these days.

To get a more reasoned version of what I was trying to say, I suggest you read Robert Reich: "Paul Ryan's Plan, the Coming Shutdown and What's Really at Stake".