Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Re: David Brooks ("The Big Disconnect")

It is not surprising that the mood of the country is dark. Job growth and falling unemployment rates notwithstanding, this country is years in to a devastatingly deep recession. Yet, we are not in discussions focusing on taking the necessary steps to accelerate a recovery. Instead, the talk of those like Mr. Ryan is centered on how to decimate the underclass while feeding the endless hunger of the wealthiest among us. The big disconnect is between the conversation we hear from the right and the necessity we feel.

There is no reason to celebrate now. Too many are hurting and too little progress is being made. Let this be the season where our attention is turned to solving today's problems today and then there may well be a psychological recovery matching a true economic one. We don't sense that is going to occur any time soon, and until that happens there is nothing to smile about.


Richie Jay said...

The real big disconnect is between what Brooks has at times acknowledged that he knows to be true (that, for example, this is not a 'recovery' in the traditional sense, when middle-class incomes are stagnating, unemployment is still high, and a budget like Ryan's could literally kill the recovery), and the indefensible claptrap from the right he apparently feels he must defend.

Robert said...

You would think that Brooks was too intelligent to spout the right wing talking points, but time and again he proves that assumption wrong.