Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Letter of Apology to Donald Trump

I have read your recent letter responding to the terrible allegations raised by Ms. Collins. I can only imagine the outrage you must feel to be accused of making false and defamatory statements about the President. How could anyone imagine, given your impeccable history, that you were capable of doing anything as despicable as that? Your bluntness and rudeness, on display for what seems like an eternity, could never be mistaken for callous disregard of others. Your all too hard exterior is nothing more than your way of hiding a soft and mushy (under) belly. You are the most misunderstood man in America, with your hair some color and shape that must only look good when it glows in the darkness of the night. You are a serious candidate for President and we fully understand, your having gone through so many corporate bankruptcies and restructurings, how you can transform a silk purse into a sow's ear.

We apologize to you, on Ms. Collins behalf, for her unwillingness to bow to the force of "the Donald". I know you would like nothing more than to look sternly into the camera, like you do on your show that long ago stopped being the least interesting, and say "Gail Collins, you're fired".

To the next Republican candidate for the President of the United States, from a public who knows exactly who you are.

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