Friday, April 8, 2011

The Problem

David Brooks ("The Ryan Journey") is better than this. Can he seriously contend that the Democrats have to use the Congressman's theories on economic reform as the starting point for the conversation?

The reality is that this country was thrown into a recession, bordering on a depression, by the former President who failed to provide funds for 2 wars, who curried favor with the richest among us by easing or eliminating restrictions on their abuses, who reduced the tax burdens that the wealthy should have been obligated to shoulder, as a responsibility for the privileges that our country had bestowed upon them. What Bush left behind was a country with ever increasing debt and an inadequate revenue stream. What he also left behind, as a consequence of his governing, was a country with massive unemployment that would necessarily create a drain on our limited resources.

However, after the departure of Bush, instead of doing what was needed, short term, to infuse the economy with money required to replenish it so that jobs could be created and funds start flowing through the system and into the government, those in Ryan's party made sure that this did not occur. As a consequence, the revenue stream into the government has not taken place. And those in Ryan's party have also made sure that the tax level for the wealthiest has remained unaffected, as they forced a 2 year extension of the Bush era tax cuts while demanding unrelenting sacrifice from those who continue to suffer.

No, Mr. Ryan has no serious plan for economic reform. If we didn't have massive unemployment, if we didn't have a failure to adequately tax the rich, if we weren't still fighting 2 useless wars that we didn't pay for, we wouldn't be in this mess. We wouldn't be talking about Mr. Ryan as the messiah. Upon closer examination, Mr.Ryan's plan is no more that a multi- trillion dollar redistribution of wealth taking from the poor and giving to the rich. He is nothing more than the anti- Robin Hood.

The Republicans are directly responsible for creating this disaster, and their policies have proven, time and again to be fiscally irresponsible and incorrect. No, Mr. Ryan is not the answer. He is only part of the problem.


Anonymous said...

Right again. Ryan's plan is to reduce spending by trillions, which would go to the wealthiest. Interesting, these wealthiest, eg Koch brothers, are the main backers of the tea party, and Ryan and the other GOP. So money talks, everyone else walks.
There is no more middle class anymore, which we know, was the engine that made the USA strong.

Robert said...

Why does it seem so self-evident to me, and yet to so many others, it is anything but? I think if I try to answer that question I will only make my head hurt.