Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Threat Level 7

It has now received a rating on the International Nuclear Event scale at 7, meaning it involves "widespread health and environmental effects". No, it is not the impact of the nuclear disaster in Japan that is being analyzed, but the statements of some of those in the Republican party in possible opposition to raising our debt ceiling. From now on, I believe that every position enunciated by Boehner and the gang should be accompanied by a nuclear event warning label. "Position on immigration reform, a level 4 disaster. Position on extending Bush era tax cuts for the rich, level 5. Threat to shut down the government over the 2011 budget, level 6. And the tsunami of them all, threat to cause global calamity by refusing to raise the debt ceiling, level 7". We now have 3 events that have garnered this distinction, putting this potential catastrophe alongside Chrenobyl and Fukushima Daiichi .

We have warning labels on our products from cigarettes to Cialis. Why shouldn't we be entitled to fair notice each time the Republicans come out with some position that can be shown to cause harmful effects upon many in our society?

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