Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Twisted - Praising with Faint Damns

David Brooks ("Why Trump Soars") is the portrait of the writer in a dispute with himself. Everything in his reasoned mind tells him that this abrasive rich man is nothing more than the ugliest of the ugly Americans. Considering Trump to be one of the "freely obnoxious", and like others "in the realm of the Upper Blowhardia" is not an endorsement. These are not the traits that we hope for in our children, in our peers, and we should certainly not find anything endearing about them in those who dangle the possibility of announcing for the presidency of our country. Yet somehow, Mr. Brooks tries to morph all this into an image of a man full of "boyish enthusiasm for glory".

Mr. Trump is nothing more than an opportunist, taking full advantage of a stage empty of Republican candidates, to foster his special brand of absurdity. The suggestion by Mr. Brooks that the object of his muted affection is "more at home with the immigrants and the lower middle-class strivers... than the members of the haute bourgeoisie" is sheer lunacy

Maybe Mr. Brooks would "never want to live in a country without people like" Trump but this is certainly not my idea of what America needs or wants if it hopes to sustain its greatness. There is nothing "soaring" about Mr. Trump, and my fervent wish is that we don't have to be subjected much longer to tortured logic, like that utilized by Mr. Brooks, giving rise to faint, and phony, praise.


Anonymous said...

I agree - I found the opinion piece very annoying. Don't know why Brooks does this.


Robert said...

He can't seem to help himself. He appears intelligent and thoughtful at times, and at others, he appears like he did in the piece on Trump.