Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Un-united States

I wanted to follow up on the theme of yesterday's post. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, I ask that you suspend disbelief for just a moment. What if ... we became two nations?

I mean, we don't like anything that they say. We don't believe in their values. We don't understand how they can do, or try to do, almost anything that they do, or try to do. And they feel the exact same way about us. We spend all day, every day, just trying to think how we can get away from them.

In our society, when the one we have pledged to live with forever, is someone we can live with for not one minute longer, we have a right of redress. It is called a divorce. We can petition the courts to equitably divide our assets and ask that we thereafter lead the rest of our existence free of the ties that bind. If it applies to 2, why can't it apply to 300 million?

Our divorce application will speak of wanting to live in a world with air we can breathe, with ice-caps that start to re-freeze, with roads and bridges that don't crumble beneath us, with schools that do not have to fit 2 children in each seat and teach actual facts, with room in it for the poor and the sick, with tolerance for those who do not look like us or even see the same God as we might. We will have a place for those who want the right to choose. This universe believes in the concept of share and share alike and not just survival of the fittest.

We will suggest that just because 1% of us, all on your side, hold almost all the toys, that you don't get to keep them when we split. No, we will contend, this division will be based on each one of us getting a proportionate share of the pie.

So, come this November, let's hold the most real election of all. If you believe in everything red, vote to live everything red. If your mind and your heart tell you that blue is the color in which you look and feel the best, then cast your ballot that way. No one, not one individual, will be running for office. The choice will be simple. It is either us or them.

Once the decision is reached, we will have a blue nation and a red nation. The blue people will elect other blues and run their own country in a manner consistent with their ideas of truth, justice and the American way. All the reds will govern the way that reds govern. The endless bickering, finger-pointing head shaking, threats of government shut downs will disappear. There will be no more my way or the highway. This will be government your way.

There are kinks that must be worked out, like if parents have the right to vote for their minor children, or if even a 3 year old gets an independent right to determine where his or her future lies. Sure there will be brother against brother, and husband against wife, but isn't that the way things are already?

We are only all in this together because that is the way we are told we must be. Let's make a clean break of it now, and tomorrow we will both be happier. Long live the un-united states.

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