Monday, May 16, 2011

The Enemy Within

Some time ago President Obama made an unfortunate choice in his words, which he almost never does. He was chastised for referring to those on the other side of the political aisle as enemies. But the truth is that these people are enemies as they find every opportunity to threaten war, and raise the possibility of armageddon.

Whether or not to authorize the government to pay the bills it has incurred does not seem a rational battleground. To put the nation in harm's way voluntarily is contrary to the obligation of those that govern us. But the Republican party has long since abandoned rational thought as a predicate for their actions. We have no respect for a party which allows its most radical elements to mis-direct this into government by confrontation.

Mr. Krugman challenges the President and his party to draw a line in the sand. But the reality is that this President is a rational man who knows that we cannot risk the damage to our nation in a long and bloody fight over raising the debt ceiling. So, his economic policies, and the safety net that we provide to the elderly and the less fortunate among us, will continue to be the ultimate victims, as he sacrifices in the name of peace.

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