Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Less Than Universal Caring

("Gaining Upset, Democrat Wins New York Seat")

New York's most conservative district can thank Paul Ryan for this morning finding itself in Democratic hands. I applaud those life long Republicans who found that Mr. Ryan and his cronies made a serious error in judgment in seeking to attack and dismantle Medicare.

For many of those who otherwise consider themselves Republicans, their ballot yesterday was a call to preserve the government's expansive role in protecting a portion of our population from battling on their own against the ravages of an incomprehensible and unrelentingly harsh health care system. However, for these same people, permitting the government to protect the rest of the population in this country in a similar manner would be considered socialism and utterly unthinkable. Leave logic at the doorstep on your way in to this universe.


David B said...

I'm on medicare. This system works!! Not cheap, what with additional coverage, so called medigap, but it is a bargain compared with private insurers.
I propose that every year, the 65 age requirement be lowered by 2 years. Imagine in 10 years, Americans can get this wonderful plan by the age of 45. As an employee reaches this age, the employer would pay the premium. Universal coverage. Now we would need Congres to keep their greedy hands off the premium money...

Robert said...

A satisfied customer. I would guess there are many like you, who are thankful for this program. Why is it so hard for so many to understand that this health care, spread to the rest of our country, would help cut administrative costs and give the government the power to try to obtain care at the most reasonable prices? The insurance lobby, like every other lobby, controls policy.