Friday, May 27, 2011

An Open Invitation to Sarah Palin

"Palin to Begin Public Tour this Weekend"

Dear Ms. Palin:

I am so excited to learn of your "One Nation" bus tour beginning this weekend in Washington, and leading eventually to New Hampshire. Along the way we are told you will be visiting historical and cultural East Coast sights. For reasons only you know, the times and places of your stops are undisclosed. I hope it is not because you feel that many in this part of the country find your views unfounded and inappropriate.

Speaking of views, I have a proposal for a perfect stop in my neighborhood, Fort Lee, New Jersey. The Fort Lee Historical Park sits merely feet away from the George Washington Bridge. Your tour bus will certainly travel Route 95 and will pass within spitting distance of this site. If you disembark, you will (as the website reports) find a "bluff where the Continental Army positioned its batteries over the Hudson in 1776". Each year we celebrate a day where many garbed in the attire of that era parade through this park.

I know how much you like to enjoy beautiful vistas (like being able to see Russia from near your home in Alaska) and I can tell you that from this perch you will have an unimpeded and spectacular view of the New York City skyline. At that moment, you will be able to connect to a spot of great historical significance for this country, and gaze out at the greatest city in the world (unfortunately one that neither understands your politics or your attraction to so many).

While I know the thrill would not be the same as your shooting at animals from your perch in a plane, the next best thing would be to stand high above the Hudson, as the first leader of our country did over 200 years ago, and take pot-shots at your critics in the Big Apple.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you will accept my sincere invitation. Hoping to see you in my backyard, so we can celebrate together this Memorial Day weekend and discuss why you believe you would make an acceptable President for a country so in need of something other than extreme right wing politics and policy.

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