Friday, May 20, 2011

Why Put Off Til Tomorrow

If tomorrow is really the end of the world, at least I am at a Yankee- Met game tonight. My list of other things to do VERY quickly.

1. Get off this diet and have an enormous double cheeseburger, fries and of course a diet coke as I don't want to think I am really pigging out.

2. Write my definitive masterpiece. Sending 3 paragraphs to the NY Times often enough that they are sometimes compelled to put my words in print does not constitutes a masterpiece.

3. Visit the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Can I really consider myself a baseball fan if I have never even contemplated doing this?

4. Perform something profoundly good for the entire planet. Even though this would be of absolutely no long term significance, I have always believed that I had the capacity to be of assistance, and well, better late than never.

5. Promote world peace day. Wouldn't it be wonderful if our last day on earth was one was there was no killing?

6. Dismantle the Republican party.

7. Get laser eye surgery. It would be nice to wake up in the morning and be able to read the numbers on the clock.

8. Go see "Book of Mormon". Again.

9. Watch "It's A Wonderful Life". Again.

10. Be helpful around the house without me having to be reminded about what it was that I was supposed to do, and promised to do, but never did.

11. Get a good night's sleep, without being interrupted several times to have to go to the bathroom.

12. Post a notice on the door of my office that I am taking a short vacation but will return the day after tomorrow.

13. Learn how to operate a smart phone so I don't feel so dumb.

14. Have a "Last Supper" with everyone I love or admire, and anyone who has been willing to overlook my eccentricities. As long as I can eat a double cheeseburger, fries and of course, drink a diet coke.

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