Wednesday, June 22, 2011

100 Days

"100 Days" is 100 days off. There is not one moment in time when the political process functions properly to address the ills that have brought this nation to its knees. Those of us who supported Obama in 2008, waited for the policies he envisioned to become reality. But his biggest goal, the overriding reform of health care, took not 100 days but what seemed like a political lifetime to move forward. What was left at its passage, bore little resemblance to what we hoped for.

We have been defined by words like filibuster, which has derailed endless possibilities and by big money which has dictated policy positions benefiting the few at the expense of most of the nation. And yes, it does feel that one campaign begins the moment the last ends. There is no room left in this world to govern.

On so many levels, we are in need of massive reform in our approach. But I don't believe a Third Party candidate is the answer. Yes, it might enliven the debate and bring up ugly truths about the Democrats and the Republicans. But there is a systemic disease on so many levels that words alone will not cure.

What we require are big new ideas, like doing away with the need to obtain a super- majority, so that a party in power really has an opportunity to shape the nation according to its vision. What we require is a massive restructuring of the time and money allotted to campaigning, so that we don't govern exclusively to special interests, and so we actually spend time governing. Until we are a country that focuses on turning 100 days into 4 years, all the bright ideas that Mr. Friedman, or any third party candidate may espouse, are as but a moment in time wasted.

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