Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Long Live the King

In my lifetime, there has been Arnie, then Jack followed by a host of pretenders to the throne. And then there was Tiger. This one was for real, and he was going to be forever.

It seemed his reign would last as long as there were championships to be won. And then there was that Thanksgiving thing and all the ugliness in its aftermath. And the knee thing. And now we are ready to talk in the past tense. Forever, as it turned out, was not as long as we thought.

And so we place the crown on King Rory. Even as it begins, I can't help but think about where, and when it might end. Will life intercede in ways unknown to hasten the departure of the latest greatest? Will his monarchy last as long as his immediate predecessor? We know he has the skills but does he have the will and the luck?

In the background, and in the back of our minds, is the now deposed leader. Does Tiger contemplate a coup, and is he ready, or will he ever be, to fight to regain control? Long live Rory, the now and until at least the next major, future King.

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