Tuesday, June 7, 2011

On A. Weiner

The man with the unfortunate name ran out of places to hide. As his private parts were made public knowledge, Anthony Weiner became just the latest on the ever growing list of those whose personal failings diminish, and may ultimately destroy a political career. What, we continue to ask in amazement each time this happens, could he possibly have been thinking?

A Democrat whose bombast and fight was a refreshing departure from all those liberals who seem forever on the defensive, Mr. Weiner's mea culpa was painful. This was someone who at a very young age, had become a local political force, and whose vision for himself must have included a future as a national figure. And now, he is just trying to hang on, and weather the unending storm of criticism that will become his life for the foreseeable future.

To make matters even a little worse, it was the boy who cried wolf who took him down. Andrew Breitbart, for all his willingness to cast slings and arrows in every direction, hoping one would hit its intended target, was right in his accusations of wrong by the congressman. And thus we were all subjected to Mr. Breitbart's chest thumping "I told you so" moment of glory. Meanwhile, a very reduced Mr. Weiner watched and must have died a thousand deaths.

In the hierarchy of sexual misdeeds, the failings of Mr. Weiner does not rank near the top. At least for the moment, it appears, as Mr. Weiner suggests, that no laws were broken and his constitutional obligation to preserve and protect was not compromised. But, as he only too well knows, he has broken the most fundamental law of politics. The public's trust in Mr. Weiner has been severed. No matter the level of his oratory, or the depth of his plea, at least in the political world, forgive and forget has little application.

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