Sunday, June 26, 2011

Treating a Disorder

("Why Is He Bi? (Sigh)")

The actions of President Obama as described by Ms. Dowd often lead to a most troubling "Bi" in his supporters: bipolar. In its grasp, this disorder involves abrupt mood swings in its sufferers between mania and depression.

We wait for the President to "come out of the closet" on issues like gay marriage. We watch his simultaneous comings and goings abroad. We live each day with his struggle to find any footing for the economy at home. We hear his words of great promise but often find results less so. And we are left to wonder when the waiting will end, and the President we envision but rarely see will emerge.

We want to blame everyone but him for these failings; an irrational and obstinate Republican party filled with Tea Party ideas; a weak kneed Democratic party short on message and moxie; a former President who left a mess from which even Houdini couldn't extricate himself.

In the final analysis though, the buck does stop at the White House and the President's unwillingness or inability to be a consistent champion of those ideas and causes he so eloquently professes to support, has left me, and many others, with all too temporary highs followed by periods of distressing lows. Bipolar disorder is a serious problem which if not treated properly can lead to a disastrous end; a Republican Congress and President in 2012.


Anonymous said...

Bi polar? He is no polar. No backbone. He has disappeared from view. He is smart, so why doesn't he know that he must communicate with us. What is wrong with weekly press conferences? Weekly fireside chats to reassure us that he is working on the problems. He is afraid of congress, he was when he had the majority, and he still is afraid . He is like the Goodyear blimp, going in circles (around yankee stadium tonight) and never getting to the crux of the problems. I , am many of my friends , are disappointed !

Robert said...

It is hard not to be disappointed, as so many issues remain unresolved, and some seemingly go unchallenged.

The President has the capacity to be the clear and definitive answer to the wrongheadedness of the right, but he seems destined to fall short of the expectations I, and many others, had for him.