Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who's Up First (Also known as "The Tee Party")

("Handicapping the Obama- Boehner "Golf Summit")

Conversation overheard on the first tee:

Mr. Boehner- "Mr. President, what is your handicap?'

President Obama- "The Republican Party"

Mr. Boehner- " No, how many strokes do I have to give you?"

President Obama- "You have already tried, but you will never succeed".

Mr. Boehner- "Who is your partner today?"

President Obama- "Israel, today and forever."

Mr. Boehner- "What do you consider the biggest weakness in your game?'

President Obama- "The filibuster."

Mr. Boehner- "Do you play gimmes?"

President Obama- "No, that is a game only you play."

Mr. Boehner- "You're up first, Mr. President."

President Obama- "No, the economy, the Mid East and then Europe."

Mr. Boehner- "How much is at stake today?"

President Obama- "The future not only of our country, but of the entire world."

Mr. Boehner- "Can I ask if you cheat?"

President Obama- "Is this going to be an Anthony Weiner-like inquiry?"

Mr. Boehner- "I can't seem to get you to understand my questions."

President Obama- "And I never agree with your answers."

Mr. Boehner- "Mr. President, you should really be tee'd off by now."

President Obama- "I am."

Mr. Boehner- "Good luck, Mr. President and may the best man win."

President Obama- "Can't you ever get away from politics?"

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