Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Choice of Poison Teas

As it comes to this, I search for phrases that reflect the madness that prevails. A "Hobson's choice" is one in which only 1 option is given, and one must either embrace it, or receive nothing at all. "Sophie's choice" mandates a decision between 2 unbearable options. Among its equivalents are "unacceptable", "excruciating" and "intolerable".

Whether Hobson or Sophie ultimately matters little. We have been left with a decision whether to allow the debt ceiling to remain where it is and watch as our economy and the larger universe implodes, or decimate our future by agreeing to draconian cuts that will leave us unable to extricate ourselves from an inevitable march into depression.

I think that this one deserves it own phrase, something to reflect political mayhem at its worst: "the choice of poison teas".

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