Thursday, July 21, 2011

Contemplating Our Own Foreclosure

"Signs of Intelligent Life In Congress"

As this editorial applauds even the hint of rational thought emanating from the Republican party, I am left to wonder what message would permeate and mandate a universal cry for decisive action to stave off __________ ( the blank is for whatever descriptive word you wish to insert, as all of the good ones have already been written a thousand times).

I fear that we have never been given the right analogy for what is about to occur. As the mantra, coming even from the President, is for us to get our "house in order", there has been a failure to impress upon the public that our country is contemplating default on one giant house mortgage and facing imminent foreclosure. Those who lend to us based on "full faith and credit" in our good faith and creditworthiness will be looking at a nation lacking credibility. Like the millions now who worry and wonder what went wrong as they desperately try to stay in their homes and practically beg for solutions, come August 3, we will be but another of those beggars. We will have to pay a very steep price if we want to keep a roof over our heads.

I believe that too many erroneously consider our decision merely whether we will continue what they perceive as conspicuous unnecessary consumption. This battle is not over whether we should buy that fancy sports car we can no longer afford. Rather, it is whether we voluntarily want to join the uncomfortable ranks of those who have defaulted on their most basic of obligations and face a most uncertain and unhappy future.

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