Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Feeding the Beast

"If not now, when?" Was the President discussing the best time to decimate an economy weak and growing ever weaker? As recent jobs reports revealed, minimal increases in private sector hiring are being swallowed up by public sector employment losses. Monies removed from state and federal coffers in the slash and burn mentality that pervades inevitably results in an increase in the unemployment rolls. And yet, the discussions in Washington do not even hint at an infusion of money needed to stimulate. Yes, I said that word which now seems anathema to political conversations.

This is government in crisis, governing by crisis. As he listens to the ticking of the clock, and worry begins to turn into panic that the Republican party will actually let chaos come, the President is forced to ask what it will take to win the votes, if not the hearts, of these people. If it means leaving those without without, that is a price he is willing to pay.

"If not now, when" should really be rephrased "if not this, what". What more must we do to appease and mollify the beast that swallows up logic and reason and leaves our country in continuing economic decline? And if we somehow get beyond the looming disaster on raising the debt ceiling, what will be the next crisis manufactured by the Republicans? And what, and who, will then be sacrificed in the name of the insanity that permeates and perverts the discourse on the Hill?

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