Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Republican Administration

They have bastardized the intended purpose of the filibuster.They have threatened to withhold support for critically needed stimulus monies. They now brandish with glee the largest weapon in their arsenal, continuing opposition to raising the debt ceiling. Time and again, the Republicans have brought the Democrats to their knees as the party of "yes" settles for crumbs while abandoning seemingly core principles.

As the President struggles to find some face saving elements in an agreement that looms as the largest economic miscalculation since Herbert Hoover, I look back in astonishment. At the end of 2008, I awaited a new world, but the one before me now does not even remotely resemble my vision then. What I have witnessed in the past 30 months is nothing short of a political calamity, as the Democrats have been outmaneuvered on virtually every front. Always on the defensive, their policies have been abused to the point of near extinction.

Where history and common sense have always dictated the approval of raising the debt ceiling, this is a time of a different set of rules. When our social safety net collapses under the weight of the Republican demands, and the government is made powerless to try to pull us out of our prolonged and profound recession, I will be left to contemplate how this came to be a Republican administration.

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