Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Strike Three?

He appears to be the personification of unbridled ego. A man who believed that the power of his personality was such to bend lies into truth, as easily as he could make a ball curve. Ostracized and minimized, he is now on the outside of a game he once controlled with the force of his will.

As the trial of one of the game's great unfolds, this will not be about Roger Clemens lying to Congress, but about him lying to us. He will stand charged as a symbol of an era in which the sport was damaged and we were forced to question the reality of what we witnessed.

We are tired of steroids, of HGH, of having to revisit our doubts and relive the deceptions. Let Mr.Clemens have his day in court, and then let us, finally and mercifully move on.

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