Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Was This the Better Half?

"The Afghan Enforcer I Knew" only emphasizes the lunacy that surrounds our decade long, and counting, incursion into Afghanistan. Mr. Rashid would assert that Ahmed Wali Karzai was the glue that held together a fragile enterprise for the southern part of this country. As our nation continually denounced his actions and warned that this Mr. Karzai should reform his ways, we are told we should have been more supportive of a man who was, in his own manner, the best this country could offer. Now, Mr. Rashid would suggest, things may turn ugly.

Guess what, things are already ugly. We have attached ourselves to the corrupt, the incompetent or the incapable, as we try to patch together some kind of workable solution to an untenable situation. But, as Mr. Rashid indicates, we are always merely one bad step away from a collapse. When the death of someone like Ahmed Wali Karzai is something that should be mourned as a potential political disaster, we must come to the inevitable conclusion that we are indeed mired in an actual political disaster.

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