Thursday, August 11, 2011

Looking Away

("Cameron's Broken Windows")

As the fires rage through the streets of London, we remain, as always in denial. Their unemployed and disaffected youth are not ours. Their wrong turn into an austerity program, cutting off hope and the possibility of a better tomorrow for those in dire need of a reason to believe, are not ours. When we look into the mirror, we don't see our faces in the shattered glass.

America has a problem in grasping the obvious. Greece has nearly collapsed under the weight of economic restrictions that have made it without capacity to pay its debts. Lessons like we are seeing throughout Europe, as countries contemplate more contraction as a way to somehow grow, go unlearned.

Instead, we plod forward, about to begin discussions of the committee of 12 on the most reasonable way to slit our own wrists. Meanwhile, we watch as London burns and those who have been sacrificed in the name of some greater good, respond.

It appears that we are on an inevitable march towards the burning streets and broken windows of London. When the next protests in our country, whether they be in Wisconsin, or just down the street from you, turn ugly, don't say we weren't warned. We were just looking away.

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