Saturday, August 6, 2011

No Apologies Please

("The Tea Party, Take Two")

I fundamentally disagree with Mr. Nocera's position that he must apologize for comparing the Tea Party Republicans to terrorists.

What I believe to be most egregious is that this party makes false and damaging accusations of Democratic "death panels", ridiculous contentions of the President "pallin' around with terrorists," and moronic challenges that he confirm the truth of his birthplace, all without a hint of a mea culpa.

However, when Mr. Nocera correctly characterizes what Kurt Andersen, in his op-ed today ("The Madman Theory") describes as "a Republican party dominated by actually unhinged reckless fanatics itching to wreak havoc on America," then all hell breaks loose.

When one party must beg forgiveness for even the hint of a breach of civil discourse, while the other relentlessly goes about its business of maliciously and deliberately destroying the fabric of this country without so much as a whisper of regret, there is something seriously amiss.

I would suggest that Mr. Nocera write another op ed apologizing for having issued today's apology.

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