Friday, September 16, 2011

America, the Not So Beautiful

("Free to Die")

With enthusiastic embrace of a platform that rejects the notion of "do unto others...." the Republican party has become home to the concept of survival of the fittest. The group that so vigorously railed against the faux theory of "death panels" and the "rationing" of health care is in reality those who would let the old, the weak and the poor go untreated. For the right, who wrap themselves in the blanket of religious conservatism, it is an abandonment of the core principles that their teachings should demand.

There is a total loss of moral conscience in their actions. At a moment when we are collectively suffering, understanding and compassion should be terms that have meaning and purpose. But in the people who cheer death for the uninsured there is a deeply troubling disdain for and distance from those most in distress.

Talk as we might about economic theory and how best to face an uncertain future, the critical dividing line between us is in how we see our duties to our fellow man. And it is sad and troubling and disgusting and discouraging to listen to so many who preach American greatness but practice something that makes us far less.


Anonymous said...

You really do write beautifully, Robert. And so to the point ... Alan

Anonymous said...

They need to check the Bible they so often quote when asserting their moral superiority. I am quite sure there is something in there about helping those less fortunate...


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