Saturday, September 3, 2011

Uncertain Answers

So often now I hear otherwise rational people speak of their uncertainty in how they would vote if the election were held today. What, I ask, is there in the Republican platform that would possibly draw you to cast your lot with that group? Who is it within their ranks with a vision in which you believe?

That being said, it is tough these days to be an Obama apologist. As we stagger under the weight of an endless recession, as we watch the shelving of proposed regulations to protect the environment, as we question how the Republicans can continue to frame the debate while simultaneously threatening our well being, I listen to words of constant and profound disappointment.

Thursday, not Wednesday as I guess this would conflict with Mr. Boehner's tea party, the President will announce his ideas to stimulate our economy and bring us hope for a better tomorrow. I desperately want this to be the beginning of a new day where the administration comes out strong, definitive and defiant. If I am to continue to be a vocal advocate for my President, I need to hear him say that we have been sidetracked long enough and that we have the strength and resources to do the big and bold things required. If he fails to speak the truth in plain and unambiguous terms, even his staunchest apologists may be rendered silent. And then who will be left to answer all those who question?

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You're so right on, Robert! ... I love these