Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

("Wall Street Weeks")

It is the end of apathy, of helplessness, of hopelessness.

It is a statement mourning the death of compassion, the loss of dignity and of fundamental rights.

It is a call for sanity, for justice, for a right to believe again.

Its leaders are all who feel the pain.

Its list of grievances are on the faces of those forgotten and cast aside.

Its demands are for those in power to stop looking away.

Its purpose is real.

Its cause is right.

Its moment is now.


Cherie said...


Anonymous said...

My opinion only: First, you are right.... Hurrah for saying it!
However, nothing moves those on Wall Street, but greed or the fear of exposure.... so unless, we can uncouple Washington and Wall Street, break up the big banks/financial institutions making them not "too big to fail", we will not win. If we don't "win" and we will slowly become a Third World Nation of rich and poor.

Once before in my lifetime an "uprising" of the people forced national change - the end of the Vietnam War. This is more complicated. Not saying it can't be done, but the forces that the rich have marshaled, including buying the Supreme Court are formidable. The money in the system from Citizens United is unbelievable! The spin machine of the Right Wing think tanks, the marketing of Right Wing ideas and candidates and smear campaigns that money can buy makes them a Goliath. We need to be strategic (hard for Democrats) and courageous in order to have a chance.

Have you followed what Pope did with North Carolina? That is what is going on all over this country.


Robert said...

Pope, and others like him, have figured out a myriad of ways to try to control the vote on election day. If my deeds follow my words, I will become involved in trying to make sure that their intentions are thwarted.