Monday, October 3, 2011

Suppression not Fraud

("New State Rules Raising Hurdles at Voting Booths")

It is but another example of turning fiction into fact. As the Republicans created the death panels so have they now imagined a non-existent voter fraud problem. All those proven to have committed this offense could be stuffed in a rather large phone booth. Yet the result, in state after state controlled by a Republican legislature is the potential disenfranchisement of those they fear the most: the poor, the elderly and the minorities.

The mid-term elections have unleashed the power of the Republicans to control the debate, and worse to manipulate the system to their own purposes. Their concern is not that people without the right to vote will cast ballots against them, but rather that those with the right to vote will do so.


Anonymous said...

Well said!!


Anonymous said...

First of all, what is a phone booth? And what would be its size?

The thing that bothers me as well is the fact the many of the big primary states, especially my neighbor New Hampshire, allow people to vote in any primary they want. This leads to republicans voting in the democratic primary which is unfair to the rest of the voters in the country. My feeling is that you should be willing to register as a democrat to vote for a democrat and vice versa. Independent? Stand on the sidelines and watch. PB