Monday, October 31, 2011

Taxing Thoughts

Given the elevation of Mr.Cain's candidacy based in large part on his 9-9-9 plan, here are other proposals that the remaining Republicans are considering:

1. The ABC tax - tax on where your last name falls in the alphabet - A gets taxed at 1% and Z at 26%. The slogan: "I have an A for sale"

2. The Democrat Tax - tax only those states that vote Democratic in the 2012 Presidential election. The slogan: "You have to pay for your mistakes"

3. The Jobs Tax - tax only those who are unemployed - The slogan: "Now that is what we call a true stimulus."

4. The Seven Eight Nine Tax - tax at 7%: The slogan. "This one will make you laugh".

5. The Fat Cat Tax Credit, a/k/a the Meal Creator Plan - 1% deduction for each percentage of body fat over 20%. The slogan: "You can have your cake and eat it too."

So what if Mr. Cain's tax proposal doesn't add up, or Mr. Perry's flat tax falls flat. While these ideas may tax our patience, get ready for more, or less, in the coming weeks.

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