Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weighting for Christie

("The Round and the Oval")

It is the substance of a candidate's issues not issues with that candidate's substance that will ultimately control. If Chris Christie is chosen as the Republican candidate, President Obama will not attack him for the largeness of his girth but for the narrowness of his vision.

There is a love affair by the Republicans with the next flavor of the month, and Christie is the next in line. After having tried and discarded Palin, Bachmann, Trump, Pawlenty and Perry as alternatives to the sour tasting Romney, the bombast of the governor of New Jersey, combined with his evident mental acuity leaves the party in almost a frantic panic to woo and win him over.

But behind the bravado, there is anger and an oversized ego. Here is a governor who allowed $400 million in a federal educational grant to be lost over what he improperly categorized as a "clerical error", who turned back $6 billion of federal and Port Authority financing for the Hudson Tunnel project that would have provided an estimated 6000 jobs to a state desperately in need of both the tunnel and the work, and whose actions in regard to medicaid waivers resulted in a failure to receive a 9 to 1 federal match that will lead to greatly diminishing the ability of many women to obtain quality health care. Our teachers are being mistreated and our educational system is in regression. The governor has alienated the unions and almost every person, politician or not, who has the audacity to disagree with him. Here is a man who has created nothing but enemies.

In the end it is not the weight gain that should worry us, but rather the weight of the losses from the misguided policies and out of control personality of Mr. Christie.


Linda said...

Thanks for mentioning the teachers...too often forgotten..

Anonymous said...

Thank you for enlightening us about Gov. Christie!


Anonymous said...

weight...weight...if he would run, he would need to step down as our governor, so that would be a good thing for NJ. And as the election would unfold, all the weighty negative issues, as you have so eloquently demonstrated, would come back to bite him in his substantial rear end. So it would be a win-win if he throws his tiny hat into the ring.

Anonymous said...

Illuminating! I am sure you understand the weaknesses of Christie's vision and his personality far better than your West Coast friends, having been on the receiving end of his policies. Hope this blog gets published!!


Robert said...

While the thought is interesting, the reality is that Christie would not have to step down as governor to pursue his candidacy.

The unfortunate truth is that he can continue a poor job of running this state whether he is being a pain in the behind here or spreading himself thin across the country.

Cherie said...

Unfortunately your are correct Robert, but how much worse could N.J. be whether he is in state or rolling through the country with his Machiavellian attitude. Let the Republicans Dems, whomever listen to him . . . Most people haven't seen him or heard his provocative politics. Within a month he will have a hard time dragging his butt on and off planes, trains and automobiles.