Sunday, November 20, 2011


("Can Conservative Media Stop Mitt Romney?")  The real question should be can the Liberal Media Help.

Those in the Republican party who are the most offended by the policies of the great flip-flopper are more offended by everything  ever proposed by the brain that sits in the Oval office. For the many millions that listen to the gospel according to Mr. Limbaugh and Mr. O'Reilly, they would vote for ABO (anybody but Obama). It is not these votes that the Republicans must garner next November. Nor their enthusiasm, for they will bark all night if told to do so.

But for the many who may find Obama an enigma but do not drink the Tea Party's Kool Aid, would a candidacy by ABM (anybody but Mitt) capture their interest and their vote? Could Citizen Cain, the I'm not a politician (and lobbying doesn't count), I'm not a harasser (and those 2 settlements don't matter), I'm not interested in foreign affairs (and Libya and Ubeki-beki-stan don't register) succeed with these people? Could the ever disdainful, arrogant and often deeply offensive Newt the historian be able to walk away from his past infidelities, his hand deep in the pocket of those Federal agencies he rails against, and a candidacy that has been an excuse for a book tour?  Who else is left on the far right,  Perry, Bachmann, Santorum? Each is dying a slow death.  And Huntsman. Even though he could be the most attractive option to the fence sitters, he hasn't learned how to play the primary game, and so he stands helpless in the wings.

For those of us who find the Republican field an appalling mess,  the ABM crowd  may be our best hope for 2012. If the "hold your nosers" finds Romney the most offensive choice, then ipso facto, the rest of the voting world might find him less intolerable.  And that, next year, may unfortunately be good enough. So I ask the liberal media to find that Cain is able or that Newt is nice. Let the far right have its candidate and let the left have the election.

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