Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Fiddler

("For European Union and the Euro, Time Runs Short")

Angela Merkel is playing the part of Nero in the conflagration of the European Union. Rome burned yesterday as its former leader was given an unceremonious Italian boot. This follows in the wake of the disaster that is playing out in Greece and it seems but precursor for what will next transpire in France. And yet, while the citizens in all of these countries cry out for an end to their economic decimation, while the circumstances demand that the crushing weight of  fiscal austerity be loosened and while pleas escalate for financial assistance, Merkel fiddles. Her dictates for restraint, restraint, restraint have left societies throughout this Union on the verge of collapse. It is time to take the fiddle away from Merkel, or at least demand that she play a very different tune if the fire is to be extinguished and the Union saved.

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