Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lying, As An Art Form

("Presidential Politics as Craven Crudites")

It is not Mr. Bruni's picture of dirty politics that is so distressing, but his suggestion that the Democrats share the Republicans love for distortion that is not fair or accurate.

Yes, neither party is perfect, but for the Republican party a disregard for the truth serves as their centerpiece. From the moment President Obama took office Republican fiction has been shamelessly and relentlessly substituted for fact on discussions relating to health care, the environment, evolution  the debt ceiling and beyond. They have talked of death panels, the fiction of global warming,  the reality of creationism, and manufactured an economic crisis that led to the edge of a global disaster.

A lack of integrity permeates and infects their positions. It is not surprising that Romney and Perry have so brutally and brazenly "rearranged" facts in their recent attacks.  Both sides are not equally culpable, or equally lacking in scruples. It is an ugly image that Mr. Bruni paints and it should  be a portrait shown with greater precision.


Bruce Egert said...

These messages are aimed at people who do not read. Many voters have not mastered that art. And, guile, deceit and freeloading are traits that are common to the success-class of this nation.

Anonymous said...

You need to get off your high horse about Obama and stop blaming everyone else for his failure to produce. Especially the republicans for Obama's failure to deliver. Believe it or not, I bet there were some republicans that actually voted for him,you think? Um,IDK,maybe? Well anyway is your candidate so fragile that we should handle him with care? Is he not subjected to criticism? Will he break if bended?. All part of the job. Others have gone through far worse and have come out ok without pointing fingers and blaming the entire world for their shortcomings. I give you/him this much, he is a great speaker. Sold enough of you with his "Rock Star Speeches" on that "Hope and Change" thing to get elected. By the way, how's that working for you so far? But maybe I'm wrong? Perhaps he has delivered?. As far as I can tell there is little "Hope" left and most of us do have a little "change" left in our pockets. So,I guess he has fulfilled that promise. But that is where it ends. OH, I'M sorry I forgot about the BS health care law, you recall the one that takes affect in 2014, maybe by then to we will have a job to pay for the cost of mandatory health care, that's if it survives the supreme court. So go ahead, blame Bush, blame the economy, blame the war, blame the republicans, blame, blame, blame. But when my children act like that and fail to do as they promised, I don't blame others, I blame them. Maybe no one has ever pointed this out to Obama. He doesn't really believe he has to live up to his promises and responsibilities. After all, he is a "Politician". One final thought, you really need to see or understand that this is a democracy and that there are people out here with a silly notion that they have the right to vote for the person or persons of their choice. I know from reading your past blogs that you feel this is crazy, absurd and unbelievable. How can anyone vote for or be in favor of anyone other then Obama????? Your blog would be worth reading if you weren't so one sided when it comes to politics.

Shelley Kaplan said...

Dear Anonymous,
Ranting and raving as an "Anonymous" doesn't give much credibility to your words. You either truly mean what you say and are willing to stand behind it or you are merely someone who needs to vent about your lot in life, whatever that may be. I have sent you a link to read by a smart and wise person who stands by his words and has evolved as a human being. Its time for you to become an adult and not live in the world of magical thinking. Thats the real problem with America right now. Yes there is some pain with growing-up but that act makes for a richer and more complex existence. I wish you well..Shelley Kaplan

Robert said...

dear anonymous- while I disagree with virtually all of your comments, I do want to thank you for being a reader of a blog that doesn't reflect your views. Hopefully one day the force of my logic will succeed in changing at least some of your negative opinions of the president.