Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pity for Perry?

Who knew we had the capacity to feel sorry for Governor Perry? As he stood there, helpless and exposed to the world as an actor in need of a line, the final nail was hammered in the coffin housing his 2012 Presidential bid.

After his manic performance as the happy and peppy Perry went viral last week, it seemed an impossibility that his fall from grace could find even lower depths. But it did.

And so we bid Mr. Perry well as we send him back to Texas where his shortcomings can be hidden beneath his cowboy hat and underneath an oil well or 2.

Now we are left with the likes of Mr. 9-9-9, his closet suddenly bulging with those conspiring against him, whether they be from Mr. Perry's camp, or Mr. Romney's, or a vehicle of the "Democrat machine". And we are sure to endure more audiences like last night, who wildly cheered for Mr. Cain when he seemed deeply offended by the audacity of a question relating to his character.

It almost makes me wish for the good old days of Sarah Palin. Almost.

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Bruce Egert said...

More to the point--Rick Perry made a minor memory glitch while under the harsh spotlight. Whether you agree with him or not, you must concede that no one's candidacy should implode due to this. Perhaps his authenticity is questioned by the GOP, but not that of Herman Cain. Despite denying four separate claims of sexual harassment, two of which resulted in payouts, the GOP still likes him because he represents a person of color who disdains the question of racism as well as suggesting that any person of color could be like him if only they would work hard. An appealing message on its surface but far from reality.