Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Other Dowd

There is something extraordinary about the Dowd family tradition ("Kevin Warns Republicans")

First, from my vantage point as a liberal Democrat, Kevin's annual observations are filled with wit, and a rational measure of distance (particularly this year) from the party that he supports. While I find fault with many of his contentions, such as his slap at Eric Holder for dealing with the very real problem of voter suppression, facts do seem to have a place in his universe.

Secondly, it makes reading the NY Times a more intimate experience. When Kevin's name appears on your pages, I feel like I have been invited to sit at the dinner table for the Christmas celebration in the Dowd household.

I thank the doctors who treated Kevin for allowing a Christmas miracle to occur. I wish Kevin continued health and many more years of telling us Democrats what we are doing wrong.

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