Monday, January 16, 2012

Interpreting Dreams

("How Fares the Dream?")

It is in many ways more insidious and more troubling than overt racism. We are a society that imposes de facto, if not de jure, inequality almost 50 years after Dr. King's famous speech. We fail to place the necessary emphasis and focus on education and thus perpetuate the plight of the underclass. We take steps to deprive access to nutritional needs and care and talk of diminishing social welfare programs. We seek in our words and our deeds to do harm to those we should protect from the worst of all possible outcomes,.

We may consider ourselves a more enlightened and inclusive society, but I am certain that Dr. King would find the situation unrelentingly distressing, notwithstanding the remarkable ascension of President Obama. Dr. King would only need to survey the landscape of blighted communities and see the unemployment numbers where young blacks suffer so greatly. He would be appalled at the legislation recently passed in many states clearly and unequivocally aimed at suppressing the black vote.

No, Dr. King would not look out today to find a land where his dream has been fulfilled, nor a mountaintop reached. And he would surely demand from each of us that we do more to  make that dream a reality.

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