Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mitt and the Seven Dwarfs

It is a Disney classic over 70 years old, now in revival. A show booked only until this summer, when all but its star will disappear into the night. And its lead has just been called the "whitest white man to run for president in years" ("What's Race Got to Do With It?" New York Times, January 15, 2012). Now playing for your entertainment pleasure the one, the only "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".

The other candidates who wanted to play the part of "anyone but Mitt",  have taken on secondary roles. Governor Perry as Doc, like his original counterpart, often mixes up his words, forgets his lines and makes statements that end up sounding more like questions.  Grumpy, is a part seemingly written for former speaker Gingrich, professing a strong and abiding dislike for our central figure. Bashful is being portrayed by former Governor Huntsman who has mostly stayed out of the spotlight. Ron Paul as Sneezy, directs powerful noises at all who stand with him on stage. "Sleepy" Citizen Cain speaks of a lack of rest being the predicate for why he is unable to remember even the simplest of facts. Dopey, that great actress Congresswoman Bachmann, who though not mute, is so clumsy and awkward in her monotonous and relentless attack upon one term Obama as to be without intellect. And the last of the Dwarfs, Happy is none other than former Senator Santorum, who while neither fat nor always laughing, must be forever smiling to think that he could actually be considered as a viable candidate for President after losing an election in his home state by 18 points.

As for former Governor Romney, while he attempts to portray himself as untarnished as the driven snow, he does not stack up favorably with the original. Snow White was forced from the palace at an early age and compelled to serve menial roles to survive, Romney has, despite his protests, always lived in the world of the 1%. And while he has spoken of being worried about that terrible pink slip, he was not required to cook and clean to avoid an uncertain fate. And nowhere in the resume of Snow White, do we see a hint that she performed a role as a sometimes ruthless venture capitalist.

While he may be good looking, with perfect hair and even more perfect looking family, it is too early to tell whether Romney is indeed the fairest of them all. This fall, the whitest white man to run for President will likely be the one chosen to play that part for his party. And then we will see whether the fairy tale of Mitt Romney will play for 4 years, or end its run on that first Tuesday in November.

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