Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Of Myths and Men

("Please Hold the Cheese")

It should have been called "Of Myths and Men". It is the attempt of the Republican candidates to fit very square pegs into extremely round holes. And the worst offender has to be the Myth of Mitt. As the man who was born with a whole truckload of silver spoons speaks of his early personal fears of being laid off , as he distances himself from his own health care agenda, as he tries to paint himself as private citizen and accidental politician while he has been chasing the big prize probably since his father's failed effort in the 1960's, as he fantasizes of being the great and wonderful job creator while his years at Bain  were consumed with extracting riches and often creating nothing but a wasteland, as all this "cheese" is served to us on a platter, it does not make me hungry for more Mitt but only gives me a case of severe indigestion. We are after all, men not mice.

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