Wednesday, January 4, 2012

They Are The 75%

Their slogan might well be,"We are the 75%". They proved last night, that no matter how far right a conservative Mormon masquerading as a tea partier tried to go, it was not far enough. The 75% anti-Mitt crowd in Iowa settled on Rick Santorum  and Ron Paul who just days ago both seemed to have expended all their time and energy in fruitless pursuit of the minds and votes of the caucus goers. The main attraction of these "I am not Romney" candidates was only in having the good fortune of being the last men standing. The rest of the contenders had already self destructed. Never has so much money been wasted, and so much said, on so little. Campaigns predicated on pandering to the 75%. And now on to New Hampshire, and more (or less) of the same.


Bruce Egert said...

Who is milking all the cows !!? The Iowans were up late last night ! In some caucuses, past midnight. And they picked Romney by only 8 votes.

Anonymous said...

I hope the craziest one wins

Anonymous said...

If Ron Paul is as good in politics as he is in math, he should get out of politics. The interviewer this morning said that he finished third. He said "I guess I actually finished second, since they tied for first." When there is a tie for first in anything, the next finisher is in third place.