Monday, January 9, 2012

The Wrong Ticket

 ("Just the Ticket") There are several reasons why the concept of Hillary Clinton as  Vice Presidential candidate in 2012 is so wrong for both her and her party.

Initially, it sends a message that the Democrats are in panic mode. This is totally contrary to the collected and reasoned demeanor that the President so assiduously attempts to convey.

Further, it would do a great disservice to Joe Biden who has been a loyal and surprisingly adept advocate for the policies of this White House. It would also diminish Hillary and brand her as willing to do whatever she must, and step over whatever bodies she has to, in her desire to occupy the Oval office.

In addition,  2016 remains a viable option for Hillary no matter what the next 4 years bring. If the President is re-elected, it is not a certainty that Mr. Biden will  choose to run for President. However, even if he does, Ms. Clinton's pedigree as First Lady, United States Senator and very able Secretary of State, combined with her history of going toe to toe with President Obama in 2007 and 2008 will certainly make her a very formidable foe.

Finally, the notion that she, as Vice President, will have a significant impact on the election is contrary to historical precedence. This year, as in so many other elections, the President's running mate will be the economy.

The fear, in the final analysis, is not that Hillary Clinton won't be the Democratic choice  for Vice President this year, but that she will.

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