Friday, February 10, 2012

Counting "I's"

Insomnia sucks. I have finished watching the Joe Namath documentary on HBO, read online about the problems in our society and cleaned up my g-mail inbox. It is 3:30 AM and my night's sleep has long ago ended.

I have tried to put a positive spin on this disaster by saying that it is in the quiet of the dead of night that my writing comes to life. "Tooearlytocall" is only possible because I am awake while you are not. But, the corollary to this is that I am ready for bed before most of my friends sit down at the dinner table.

I have tried to read a bad book, count sheep, recall every hole of golf I played last season. I have prayed to Morpheus and bowed down to Hypnos .Nothing helps. I am bright eyed and ready to begin my routine when the first rays of daylight are only beginning to show up in London.

I should find a second job from 2AM to 6AM. I might as well be economically productive, as the $800 that I have earned for my writing over the past 4 years translates into roughly one cent for every 2 days of labor. I know I can do better than that in some other endeavor. I am open to any possibilities, as long as they are legal (or maybe my standards are not even that high).

I think I will try to read my old blog posts now. Do you notice that this piece is filled with the word "I" because there is no "we" at 4:23 AM? I count 18 (including the one in this sentence). I have sunk to new lows.

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