Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On a Lin Streak

How do we know if Jeremy Lin is a shooting star, primed for a quick flame-out, or the true center (point guard) of the universe? Will Melo be mellow enough to cede the stage, and allow the bright lights of Broadway to continue to shine on the new leading man? Can Amare pick and roll with all that has happened in his absence?

This is Walter Mitty time. It has been a fascinating ascent for one player and for a franchise that has long been in a downward spiral. Here's hoping that Mr. Lin does not suffer a spectacular fall to earth when the big names return to the lineup. It is a moment of  burning intensity for this young man, and if fortune is kind, one that is not soon extinguished.


Anonymous said...

Very linsightful.

Robert said...

Only fitting for a Linternational star.

Anonymous said...

Lin fever in the Hom household!