Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Sound of Money

("Another 2012 Campaign for Sale")

I find it almost shockingly naive and out of touch with the reality of the moment that you suggest that the President should sit idle in the face of the Republican super PAC onslaught.

The staggering candidacy of Newt Gingrich has recently risen up, based largely on $10,000,000 of contributions from one man (actually one man and his wife).

The Romney machine, pumped full of super funds, has beaten back this attack with a relentless demolition of Mr.Gingrich in Florida.

The Koch brothers, with help from a few of their buddies, are trying to put together $100,000,000 to make sure the President is a one termer.

All the small donations made directly to the Democratic political coffers stand no chance against the unleashed wealth of the Republican few. It is only through the super PAC that the playing field can be leveled.

So, yes, the President can and should denounce the damage and destruction caused by Citizens United. But his overwhelming concern should be to protect and preserve the welfare of this country. While he can win the battle by taking the moral high-ground on this issue, he is almost certain to lose a much larger war in the process. Money does in fact talk. A lot. And people listen.

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