Monday, February 13, 2012

Word of the Year

Austerity was named the word of the year in 2010 by the Merriam-Webster dictionary. For those in Greece who have given living definition to this term, there is nothing positive in this association. "Greece Passes Austerity Plan As Riots Rage" is about the natural and inevitable response to this misbegotten theory being superimposed on a people who cannot survive under its rigors. Is there nothing more telling than the tale of the woman who has worked without pay since last September and is now in jeopardy of  'losing her job entirely'? The dignity of these people is being daily degraded to the point of near extinction. And who then can, or more aptly should be surprised at what is happening in the streets? Austerity in Greece is a failure of monumental proportion.


Anonymous said...

As sad as that comment from the women who has not been paid for year, and now was concerned about loosing her job, there are many other stories about the non-collection of taxes, and abuses of the retirement system. Greece has been in free fall for years- spending on programs, without proper funding for them.
The bills came due, and now the country must pay them.

Robert said...

the question is who is left to pay these bills? The unemployment rate is over 20% and climbing. The minimum wage rate has been slashed. If there is no revenue, there can be no repayment of debt.

It is an all too familiar conversation, as we are having the same discussion in this country, though not on the same crisis level (at least for the moment).