Monday, March 19, 2012

A Missing Soul

("Drifting Right, Illinois Is Test For Romney")

"From a sheer lovability or enthusiasm standpoint, he's not the world's most gregarious guy.".

Why, why, why can't Romney get them fired up? I don't believe it is just his ever shifting positions, his clawing further and further right to garner primary votes. It is that conservatives love their religion, and most love the politician with passionate attachment to religion. While Gingrich's foundation for his personal resurrection is in his religious awakening, and Santorum's political values are inextricably woven to his religious beliefs, Romney's strong Mormon ties are nowhere evident in his conversation. It is this core of his being,  this center of his universe, that is missing from the discussion. There has been a clear determination by those who shape the arc of his candidacy that putting Romney and Mormon in the same sentence is not a healthy choice. And so, the picture we have of Romney is missing its soul. And who, as a conservative Republican, would be attracted to a candidate without a soul?

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